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Advanced urology treatment provided with special care

Dr. Mahesh Sane, an eminent urologist based in Mumbai offers services on urology, taking medical care to a higher professional level. He is attached to Mumbai Hospital as a member of the kidney transplant team and has performed more than 500 liver transplants. Dr. Sane provides the best treatments for both pre and post-operative periods.

Treatment of urology is a growing field of medicine at present. Several techniques are growing each day for creating a pain-free urology treatment. Urology treatment comprises of the management of medical, that is non-surgical as well as the surgical treatment of the urinary tract. The surgical interferences include prostate cancer, congenital abnormalities, kidney stones, traumatic injuries or stress incontinence etc.

Why Choose us

We endeavour to follow all the cutting edge technologies to treat our patients in the best possible way. Our experts follow the techniques that require minimal invasion. Fiber-optic endoscopic equipment, real-time ultrasound guidance, laser techniques is followed in our hospital for all sort of benign and malignant conditions of the urological system.

The experts in our Hospital are the forerunners in the use of robotic technology in urology treatments and surgeries like laparoscopic surgery. This technology is used by our experts to treat some major and minor ailments of the urinary tract with minimal pain.

For assured treatment at an affordable price, consulting Dr Mahesh Sane is the best choice. Your recovery is our main motto. We strive to bring you out of all the possible urinary tract problems even though if it is a serious or minor problem. So, if you are suffering from such ailments, or worried about your near and dear ones who is suffering from urinary tract problems, just visit us to get a pain-free and affordable treatment.