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Renal Transplant

Dr. Mahesh Sane is a specialist in Renal Transplant and is treating patients having end stage disease of the renal system requiring transplantation or dialysis. Our kidneys are the most vital organs which help in blood filtration, regulating blood pressure and stimulating the production of red blood cells. At a stage when the kidneys are totally damaged and life is in danger, renal transplant is eminent. Dr. Sane specializes in kidney transplantation, following the most advanced minimally techniques.

Conditions treated:

Services in renal transplant are being provided by Dr. Sane for end stage renal failures with transplants which are of two types viz. Deceased donor and living donor transplantation. Causes of renal disease at the end stage include Kidney Disease of Polycystic type, Diabetes Mellitus, Glomerulonephritis, High Blood Pressure and severe problems relating to the anatomy of the renal system.

Diagnosis and treatment:

Dr. Mahesh Sane is providing renal transplant services where hemodialysis is proven to be futile for restoration of the renal system, and kidney transplant is the only alternative left. He is carrying out living donor transplant where the donor is related to the patient and deceased donor, in which case the donor has suffered brain damage. It is through various evaluation processes that the transplant is carried out which involves testing of blood type, tissue typing, cross matching and Serology. Dr. Sane is performing renal transplant surgery under general anesthesia following advanced methods and reconstructive techniques. He is also providing post operative monitoring to keep a close watch on the signs of early rejection and for adjustments that may be required for medication.

Dr. Mahesh Sane is a thorough professional in both types of donor related transplantation, following the most advanced techniques.