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Hi I am Sanjay Aroskar It was the day I was on my work shooting for TV Channel till late night and suddenly got call from my home and my wife sheetal was in pain saying in upper right abdomen there is paining a lot. What I know is little bit of science so I suggested her that it may be because of stones or a kidney problem so take a mild pain killer and will see our family doctor the next day. As I went to my family doctor Dr. Arjun Talawadekar he also diagnosis and said the same thing that my wife may have multiple calculus. So I gently asked my family doctor what can be done for this problem and he suggested me doctor sane's name and the other people with the patient in the clinic also said he is best doctor and not only him his full family is Urosurgeon & Andrologist from his fathers time. In my prabhadevi (dadar) area every people know doctor's family for sure. The very next day I have taken appointment and in the evening me and my wife went to his clinic and what a personality in first look he had given a big smile to us and I guess that smile of doctor's only kill the patient's pain. And then he started asking us what was the status of pain and all. I have seen doctor's Sane's confidence in his conversation and I felt that me and my wife sheetal at the best place and in safe hands. As Dr. sane also diagnosis, he said my wife sheetal have to do some test and around four to five days she needs to get operated urgently. So he himself gave reference of Bombay Hospital and he himself done the operation theater booking also and he said see you guys in Bombay Hospital soon. The hospitals rooms were very well maintained. We both had very comfortable sleep and even the food was very delicious. Overall the Bombay Hospital is very clean and good hearted staff of people around.

This way we got everything arranged by doctor sane and my wife sheetal got operated successfully. Thanks to Dr. Sane because he helped us out really out of the way.

My name is Chandrakant Satardekar, age 69. Two years ago, I was suffering from serious illness regarding urine. That time it was very difficult and painful for me to pass urine normally. Due to this difficulty in urine passage, my creatinine value had gone high, so my son admitted me to the hospital for treatment. Because of this higher value of creatinine, the doctor suggested me for dialysis and had to take regular dialysis treatment accordingly. Due to this dialysis treatment, my creatinine value had gone down to some point but my urine problem still persisted. So the doctor suggested me to consult with any Uro-Specialist. I consulted with two-three Urologists. The urologist examined me and told me that there was serious infection in my bladder which was hindering me to pass urine normally. So at the beginning, the doctor passed the urine tube through my penis but it was so painful for me that the doctor suggested for surgery and later passed the urine tube through my stomach to release the urine. Although it gave me some relief and I was able to release urine without any pain but the doctor told me that this was the last option for me and I have to carry that urine tube and urine bag for the rest of my life. I was completely tensed but there was no alternative left for me and had to carry that Uro-bag for the next one and half years. Due to this Uro-bag, I was not able to go anywhere without help and was fully dependent on others. I was feeling my life to be boring and useless.

But after one and half years, my family doctor suggested me to consult Urologist Dr. Mahesh Sane which I did immediately. Dr. Mahesh Sane examined me carefully and did my Urodynamic test and three-four other medical tests and observed that there is some hope for me. He suggested me for Bladder Neck High surgery and Prostate surgery. He told me that by this surgery, he could clean the Bladder infection and remove the Uro-bag to pass urine normally. So I immediately responded to the doctor's suggestion and got admitted in Bhatia Hospital for surgery.

After getting admitted into the hospital, doctor did some pre-medical tests on me and did this surgery done successfully. After two days, I got discharged too. Next day he removed the Uro-bag and Uro-tube and examined whether the urine passing is proper or not and I must tell you that it was a most memorable day for me because the urine passing was complete normal , there were neither any infection nor pain.

Now I am very happy and living a self-dependent life. I am very much thankful to Dr. Mahesh Sane for his great medical care and expert suggestions. He filled my life with happiness.

Now I always suggest the patients like me who is suffering from urine related problems to please consult Dr. Mahesh Sane once, you will never be disappointed.